Othman Sidqui, Gemmologist Jeweler, symbol of the difference within the Moroccan jewelry world.

When it comes to the world of jewelry and gemologist only a few people comes close to Othman Sidqui in Africa and the world over. The expert designer and gemologist who is a sworn French state jewelry designer, started his jewelry design at a very young age as established him as one of the top jewelry experts and gemstone in Morocco and Africa.

Othman’s love for jewelry kicked off when he was just a kid in school as he combined his study with learning his family jewelry trade that has been a part of the family for generations. He took his love even further by taking up a course in gemology at the Science and Technology University of Nantes in France, where he graduated from in 2006 with more knowledge on French state expertise in the field of stone.

After his time in College, he migrated to the world of design and art in high jewelry, in 3D among others. This has made him a force to reckon with when it comes to different types of masteries and now he is set to launch his own brand in his hometown of Casablanca, which will be named Pierres Mano.

The brand will embody everything he holds dear as a jeweler and it is a brand that is set to set to satisfy the cravings of Jewelry lovers across North Africa and beyond. It will also serve as a platform to blend traditional and modern jewelry which has been the object of this artistic trend as the creations reflect the deep love that he has for stone and noble material.

Othman does not just create timeless piece but also keeps in touch with buyers and applies a certain distinction that reflects and shows his great mastery of the art of design.

According to him, the beauty of a jewel lies in its eternal power, both harmonious and sentimental and I can’t dispute this fact.

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