Dating tips for men – how to make your first kiss memorable

The first kiss. Who doesn’t remember it? The softness of her lips, the smell of her mouth and the magical moments when the entire world stands still while you touch her lips. If you are dating someone for long, it is the time to have your memorable first kiss.

Is she ready?

You cannot kiss someone who doesn’t want to. So, you should judge the situation first. If you share a great bond, if your partner pats on your arm or is okay with you touching her arms and back, it is the time that you take a chance.

Smell fresh

Who wants to kiss someone who smells like a rotten egg? So, make sure that you smell nice. Moreover, your smell may excite her. So, take a bath, use cologne and make sure that you have brushed before meeting your date.

Create the right mood

You just cannot jump on your partner in the middle of the road and start kissing her. For the first kiss, you need the right mood and moment. Choose a quiet place. Your living room, the front porch or a sparsely populated restaurant would be ideal. You may choose a romantic setting like a beach or a park also if they don’t have too many people around.

Don’t ask for her permission

Asking for her permission kills the romance. When you are close and she is laughing at your jokes and touching your arms, lean towards her, hold her and kiss her. That’s it. If she likes you she would kiss you back, if she doesn’t, she would pull back.

Use your hands properly

The passion of first kiss increases if you use your hands rightly. Either hold her face or neck; you can put them around her waist too. Don’t get sleazy but use them to hold her close to you and caress her so that she feels your passion.

Keep it gently

No matter how desperate you are for the first kiss, control your emotions. Keep it gentle. Don’t shove your tongue into her mouth. Don’t force her. Gently kiss her lips and put your tongue inside her mouth. Play around for a while and end it. The first kiss should not linger too long.

Follow it with something romantic

To make your first kiss more memorable, follow it up with something romantic. You can kiss her on her cheeks and say you have been waiting for this long or give her a hug.

No matter how close you get afterward, the charm of the first kiss would never fade away. So make it romantic, passionate and special so that you would love to remember it always.

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