The Ultimate Christmas gift for your Arnold Schwarzenegger fan!


The Arnold Collection has extended its range with some exciting new quality additions. Not only can fans enjoy these rare photographs and a collection of rare memorabilia in frames or on our apparel, now you can enjoy them on your sofa with our new range of Arnold Collection pillows (cushions)!

Our pillows make for the perfect living room addition, delivering in comfort and creating a wow factor for your visitors. They are a great gift idea for fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the golden era of bodybuilding. These Arnold pillows are for the true die hard fans. Why bother with boring and plain regular sofa cushions or pillows when you can add a sense of style to your living room?

Here’s your chance to have the Terminator himself in your living room this Christmas with these convenient cushions and see him in a light you have never seen before. Photographically documenting his younger years on the bodybuilding scene, this cushion range includes an exclusive shot of Arnold in his office in Los Angeles, California, a city he now calls home and a state he has since been elected governor of, earning him the title of the “Governator”. Also available as cushions are rare photographs of Arnold posing in front of the iconic Australian landmark the Sydney Opera House. We also offer a cushion featuring Arnold guest posing at the 1975 Mr. NSW competition during his time visiting Australia. For any avid Arnold fanboys these pillows are a must, but for all of the bodybuilding purists we’ve also included a Frank Zane cushion, taken in what many consider his prime.

Don’t miss out on your chance to show off your inner Schwarzenegger fanboy to all of your friends in an exciting new way. Customise your living room, bed room with these exclusive cushions.

The Arnold Collection is a small boutique online store specialising in Arnold Schwarzenegger products. Owned and operated by Scott Nailon, the son of a legendary Bodybuilding Photographer from Sydney Australia, The Arnold Collection was created to supply quality products to Arnold Schwarzenegger fans around the world!

Using the latest in technology you can now purchase one of the newest products direct from this website through their Trusted Shopify Technology. Check out the range below today or click through to their website for much more!

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