CHARITY – A musician seeks to make the world a better place, a dream that eluded the rock scene of 1960s California…


Musician Kevin J. Knup is a man with a mission. The multi-instrumentalist behind the prolific band Diamond Heart is channeling the music that touched him as a youth – the contemporary rock sounds of LA titans Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters – to hone its power to a fine point of positivism. Music will be the weapon in a war against the forces of negation.

The vehicle for this utopian quest is a concept album entitled CHARITY, an epic recorded/live project with a humanitarian aim. Ten percent of all revenues from the project will be pledged to the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation to aid their international education and health programs.

“I want to do for today’s youth what my heroes did for me; pave a way through life’s difficulties, showing that nothing is impossible, and that through the love of art, ourselves, and others, we can change the world.” – Diamond Kev

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