Local Jewelry Company Announces New Product


LOS ANGELES-Entrepreneurs of all types including immigrants can have it tough in business.

Caterina Jewelry’s Cathy Barouch didn’t let that stop her. She is announcing her new Charm Opener which is targeted towards women.

The company recently launched a TV campaign that spread the word about their product and a national publicity campaign will result in articles in major magazines. With the demand for charm bracelets greater than ever, jewelry designers Cathy Barouch and Lara Korhammer of Caterina Jewelry are delivering on the need for a tool that makes it easy to wear them: the Charm Opener.

Additionally, The CJ Silver Charm collection offers a concept that’s unique to Caterina Jewelry. Barouch has included designs that incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year, marsala, and made the coins larger than typical charms to accommodate the growing trend towards bigger statement pieces.

Their collection is for women who don’t want to compromise on beauty or style, and nor should they. Every piece will compliment any look, mood and occasion.

Because you can add more charms or simply leave it as is, items from this line can be either a stand-alone piece or a “starter kit”. This accessible collection offers luxurious pieces that don’t compromise on quality. The chains are comprised of .925 silver and Swarovski elements, while the coin is 2.5cm x 3mm.

For more information please visit www.buythecharmopener.com

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