Indie Film Actress Sabrina Culver prepares to make a splash in London next month with three nominations for her film Addiction : This is not a Love Story


Sabrina Culver Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film for Remember My Story, Removed Part 2 at the Milan International Film Festival (2015)

Sabrina Culver adds a Best Supporting Actress win to her list of awards for work in independent and feature films at the Milan International Film Festival for her role as the birth mother in  Remember My Story, Removed Part 2

Sabrina Culver is a working actress, writer, and producer who is a familiar face by now in the independent film circuit.  She’s worked in countless movies and has four wins and seven nominations to date.  The latest win in Milan, for Remember My Story went a long way to convincing Culver that she is on the right path.  Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Culver spent her early years studying classical piano and involving herself in musical theater,  She would later go on to attend Boston’s Emerson College where she continued her studies while also working as a part-time model.  Like many actresses who got their break from modeling, Culver knew she had to make the most of each and every opportunity to make the transition from ad to film.

“I spent years just listening, focusing, and ultimately learning from each and every job,” says Culver.  “When I started to get roles like the one in Removed I knew that it was better to have an important role in a smaller movie in order to prove myself as a serious actress.  This win in Milan was that nod to me that I was headed in the right direction with my acting and my career.”

Independent films find not only distributors at festivals, but also have the opportunity to showcase the talents of the cast and crew.  The 2015 film festival circuit has been good to Culver.  The win at Milan comes on the heels of nominations at the St. Tropez film festival for Addiction: This is Not a Love Story and New Skin.  With two more films coming out in 2016, it begins all over again—something Culver says she intends to enjoy while it lasts.  “It’s extremely gratifying to be able to work consistently in this field,” she says.  “I’m lucky and I do know it.”

Remember My Story, is a drama directed by Tony Cruz and Nathanael Matanick.

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