Hind Nourssine is set to rock UAE, North America Europe, and the United States with the Launch of Her Fantastic Line of Aloe Vera Products (Noursin) in May 2017

Hind Noursine, has once again proven to be exceptional as she is set to rock UAE, North America Europe, and the United States with the launch of her fantastic line of aloe vera products (Noursin) in May 2017. Having dreamed of creating her cosmetic product line, the Moroccan-born fashionista who has a degree in economics is ready to turn the world of health and beauty on its head.

Thanks to Hind’s dedication to finding answers to health problems, she has spent the past decade, researching Aloe Vera specifically and applying her knowledge with hundreds of patients. Coming to her beauty centers in Al Ain, UAE she knows the plant’s limitations and also what this herbal plant can do when taken internally and applied topically. 

Hind has created for herself a unique personality in the beauty industry,  as she is augustly referred to as an ambitious, elegant, beautiful, rebellious, strong, gentle, dreamy and realistic feminine mystery. As a seasoned conductor, Hind manages a team of 45 employees.

Through diligent work and keeping her vision alive- Hind‘s dream is unfolding for Aloe Life. Her Aloe Life health products are based on the ancieSnt herb Aloe Vera, other natural herbs, nutrients, and emollients. Based on extensive research, special processing, laboratory testing and a modern Dubai facility, the new aloe vera products bring to the market quality items filled with essential life nutrients, which increase energy and optimize health eventually.

Arab television regularly invites Hind for interviews as she is often regarded as a beauty expert who is passionate about sharing all her expertise without restraint. Also, she hopes to establish a new universal center of beauty in Casablanca in the image of first Emiratis institutes. Hind hopes to bring the best to the Moroccan women by offering them unique benefits because she believes every woman is exceptionally created.

Hind concluded, “It is a pleasure to have my dream come true at last. This will bequeath to me the opportunity to use my talent to affect both the present and upcoming generation positively.”




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