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Our View: More Venues For Live Entertainment In Our Trendiest Neighborhoods Will The Kind Of Sparkling Night Life That Residents Of Great Cities Deserve.

Name a city that doesn’t boast a vibrant and varied night life, and we’ll show you a place that is probably very dull indeed. When work is done and people flock to their favorite restaurants and bars to meet and greet, they want a range of entertainment to grease the social whirl. That’s why GigDivision created the first interactive search tool that displays live music and other entertainment in bars and restaurants in some of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods. GigDivision displays live entertainment and new venues for showing off this city’s abundance of talent. It will burnish various cities image as a cultural and entertainment destination, and give a much-needed boost to small business owners struggling to weather the recession.GigDivision is the first interactive search tool for all the live gigs/entertainment events about to take place in your area or any city in the world. It’s powered by the API’s of SongKick and Google Maps, which facilitates seeking for events with location based services. GigDivision is your gateway to live events,concerts and broadway shows. It displays information on artists, venues and where tickets can be purchased.

GigDivision is the first search engine that organizes and displays relevant information on artists,and venues combined with a ticket comparison service. GigDivision uploads live content which is captured and recapped for optimized search- and feed results allowing live events / entertainment to be found on every city, anywhere in the world. Gigdivision displays all live events, venues and ticket dispensing from multiple vendors, therefore enpowering the buyer and ensuring the best deal. GigDivision website is mobile responsive, has super fast loading capacity, and all relevant information is at your finger tips. GigDivision simplifies events seeking by compiling all the information into a user friendly search engine. GigDivision is designed to simplify the search for live events by organizing events, providing venues and information on tickets into a user friendly search engine. With a little research and some careful planning, GigDivision can be a wonderful interactive search tool for your live events. It’s time the internet modernized its entertainment regulations to give free rein to the human creative capital different cities possesses in such abundance. It’s time to let a thousand flowers bloom in the form of more venues offering folk music and jazz, classical concerts and rock. Let comedy clubs abound and poetry slams flourish.

GigDivision – Your Gateway To Live Events!

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