Choosing a Web Design Company in 8 Easy Steps

Internet marketing is all the rage these days. If you have a business, having a website and being on the internet is a must. It’s a competitive market out there and you have to stand out. Stand out with your product or with your website. If you want to be different from the rest and attract people to your site, it should be pleasing and offers the best experience to your clients. You could do that with the help of the best professional web design services.

There are many competing firms if you do a web search, so you wouldn’t run out of options to choose from. Your problem would be choosing the best option to fully help you with what needs to be done. You need a company that will deliver what you want and do it in an efficient manner.

Here are eight steps that can help you choose a web design company.

Goal Setting

Before you can search for a design company, you have to be sure what you want first. Do you want a site that will reel in visitors? Do you want a site that will increase your conversion rates? Do you want your site to be optimized? Or do you simply want a site to showcase your business? Figuring out the goals of your site and internet marketing strategies will make it easier to find a website design agency that will be able to deliver what you are aiming for.

So how will you determine if a company is what you need? Ask an agency you are thinking of hiring to show you how they plan to achieve your goals with their web design. If you want a more effective search engine optimization, how will they be able to accomplish that? Ask them for proof of their abilities to help you get more conversion. Professional web design is important for  effective SEO.

Cost and Value

Sometimes cost is the first thing that people look into when buying something. This is also true when hiring a professional web design service. When you are just starting out with your business, you might not be able to afford established agencies, so you will have to look for cheaper ones. There might be agencies who will offer a lower market price for their services but the value of their work might be the same.

When searching for a web design company, you should consider the price but you shouldn’t also neglect the value of the web design. It is more important that the design agency can deliver the results you want rather than opting for an agency because they come at a cheap price. Anyway, if the design is amazing and can attract a lot of potential customers, you will be able to immediately get a return on your investment.

Track Record

Track record does not necessarily mean you should go for the web design firm who has been in business for the longest time. Track record means, the company has a lot of satisfied customers in their records. A solid track record means that all their customers are satisfied with their work. How will you know about track record of a certain company? You should read reviews of web design companies that you can find on many review sites. You could also contact their previous customers if you are not satisfied with online reviews. Or ask for references.

Another thing you could do to check the track record of a company is to ask them for it. Ask to see their performance data, some client testimonials and their recent case studies to see how they approach the web design work. With the case studies you will be able to see if the agency is keeping up with the new trends in doing web design.


This is for those who do not know or understand web speak. If you are new to internet marketing and web development, it is important that you ask the website design service company you might be hiring how they will explain what they are doing to you. You will be paying them a lot of money on an hourly basis to create a website for you, it is important that you are aware that they are really doing their jobs. It might be harder for you to monitor them if you have no idea what they are talking about.

So what should you do about this? Ask your agency about their typical process of web designing and if you do not know what they mean, ask them about it. Tell them to speak the process to you in layman’s term. If you are able to understand them, then they are good at communication. If not, you might consider other agencies or just learn the web speak to be able to understand what is going on.


There are businessmen who already owns websites but thinking of hiring a web design provider to revamp their site. Here are some ways to improve your web design. It might be because they aren’t getting their desired results with their current website. Sometimes the problem might not be with the site at all, but with the content of it. If you are thinking of hiring a design provider, they should be honest enough to tell you that you really do not need a site makeover, just improve your content.

If you will just be starting a new site, pick a provider that can offer to help you with content and not just the web design. This might be difficult because most design companies only offer specific services. But you can still try to look for a more well-rounded company. Try reading reviews of professional web design services to help you figure out the best company to hire.

What You Want to Achieve

As was mentioned above, to have successful marketing, you need to start with goals. But this time, you have to set more specific objective. Instead of just wanting to increase your conversion rates, write your goals as increase conversion rate by 15% in 30 days, or something like this. With a more specific set of objectives, it is easier to gauge if a certain professional web design service can achieve it. Another goal would be to generate 100 leads in 24 hours, or spread brand awareness in a specific city in one state.

How will you know if your agency can meet your goals? Show them your goals and have them make a proposal of how they plan to achieve it. Ask them for previous works where they met the same goals you have set. Inquire also about what tools and applications they plan to use to measure the results and will it be accurate.


Strategy is what the best professional web design services will use to get you what you want. When you show the agency your goals, they should be able to give you a sound strategy. Take all the strategies from all the agencies you went to and compare them. See which firm you think will be able to deliver results based on their strategies. The strategy should include the process and the tools they will use to measure the results.

How will you know if it is a great strategy? Ask the design company to explain their strategy to you, in details. Ask them to show the process to you in a step by step manner. And as much as possible pick the company that can give you results within the first step. This will show you that they really know what they’re doing. The next steps should be to just maintain and improve the process.

Quality Investment

Lastly, pick a web design agency that will be an investment to your business. This means that even after they are done with the web design, a healthy working relationship between the customer and the company is still intact. They should be available in case you have questions or you run into problems that you cannot solve on your own.

How will you know if an agency is a quality investment? Ask them what their working relationship with their previous clients looks like. Are they still in contact and are they still in good terms? What are the maintenance plans that they have? How will the company ensure that they site is meeting its targets for a long time?

After the eight tips mentioned above, you would be able to easily choose a web design company to use for your website. Reading reviews of professional web design services will also offer additional help in choosing a design company. Do a thorough research before you commit to any companies that you are thinking of using.

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