Why Beannul Harper Started His Organization to Feed Hungry Students in Los Angeles

Why Beannul Harper Started His Organization to Feed Hungry Students in Los Angeles

Beannul Harper is the founder of I’M ALL IN, an organization based in Los Angeles that feeds hungry students.

I’M ALL IN’s primary focus is lunch support for students in need and their motto is: “Together we can.”

Harper says his organization is a long-term mission, not a shortsighted fundraiser.

“I really want to make a difference in the lives of hungry kids,” says Harper.

His organization encourages people to reach out for support if they’re hungry and need help.

It’s all about compassion, a willingness to ask for help and to give it.

Harper decided to start his non-profit to feed students that have trouble accessing food because of his son.

It all started when he came home without any money on his school lunch card.

“I said hold up: have you been eating more than one lunch per day? The school says we owe more money for lunch.”

Harper says what his son said next inspired him: he had been buying lunches for his friends at school who couldn’t afford to eat.

That was when Harper decided to start: I’M ALL IN, to tackle the food insecurity problem in schools across Los Angeles.

“This is a problem faced by communities everywhere and the least I could do is give back,” says Harper.

Harper says he loves his work and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Despite working for approximately 70 hours a week, Harper is committed to greatly reducing hunger in his community.

Harper says he was raised to help people and brighten their day in any way possible.

“Sometimes it’s just a small compliment or a smile, but it goes a long way,” says Harper.

“You have to have patience. Believe in yourself and carry on every day with faith that the mission will be successful,” says Harper.

Harper donates 35% of his income to I’M ALL IN, an organization he says is opening a lot of new opportunities to help people in need.

Harper says he wants to be a role-model for his eight children.

He says being a parent is a lot of work, but starting his non-profit was one of the most rewarding things he’s ever done.

“I want my kids to learn to be kind to people as well,” says Harper.

A metaphor Harper uses for his non-profit is a shuttle entering space.

“All this work you put in: it’s fuel.”

“Once the shuttle leaves earth and exits the atmosphere, it doesn’t need you to keep adding fuel. It’s smooth sailing,” says Harper.

Harper says he hopes people will join in to help I’M ALL IN continue growing.

“After all, it’s in the name – we need people to be ‘all in’ and help the community,” says Harper.

If you want to learn more about Harper’s non-profit organization, you can visit: http://imalln.org/

You can also send the organization an e-mail if you have any questions.

The details are listed on the website as well as access to Beannul Harper if you have an inquiry.

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