What Makes Ketogenic Diets Famous?


Gone are the days when Atkins Diet was famous amongst individuals with discreet weight loss goals. Today, Ketogenic diet plans have become extremely popular amongst this crowd.

A controversial Diet

According to scientists, Ketogenic diet is the very first stage of Atkins diet. The so-called-controversial diet eradicates carbohydrates from meal plans. Conversely, the diet hubs around a special process called “Ketosis”. This is a complicated process that burns the body’s fat stores. Moreover, Ketosis triggers “Insulin Response”. The moment your body shifts into the “Insulin Response Mode”, various hormonal changes would occur. These are interesting changes that would signal the brain to burn more fat with ketogenic diet menu.

Three types of Ketogenic diets

Ketogenic diet plans are broken into three different categories. Here is a quick review through these types:

1)      Standard – This is a diet for individuals with sedentary lifestyles. The meal plan comprises of starchy vegetables, fruits and 20-40 grams of carbs.

2)      Targeted – When compared against standard Ketogenic diets, this is a strict meal plan. The diet expects followers to engage in various workouts.

3)      Cyclical – If you want to lose weight in few short weeks, you must be a part of cyclical diets. The strict diet regime shuns the presence of sugary items and carbohydrates.

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