Werley Nortreus Launched Ceraphin Entertainment & Ceraphin Music Records In 2015 And He Is The CEO & Founder


Based on some information from Google search, of course. Werley Nortreus is a young Musical Artist, Author of Invite Jesus Into Your Life (Vol1), a Minister and an Entrepeneur. He was born and raised in Haiti and he becomes an entrepreneur in 2015, of course, he’s from the Caribbean. He’s known professionally as a Gospel Artist who can make his own Instrumentals and Beats and he appeared in multiple Churches performances with other Gospel Artists across Haiti and in the US. He launched two Organizations called Ceraphin Entertainment and Ceraphin Music Records in 2015, he’s the CEO & Founder of them which are two Organizations which was launched in 2015, they are based on Music & Entertainments. Werley Nortreus is the CEO & Founder but a Team is behind them too, Werley formed a Team in order to take those Organizations to the next level, people who are behind the Team are Editors and Executives of Ceraphin Entertainment and Ceraphin Music Records only, their goals are to be Global, Haitian Christian Music Society is own by Ceraphin Entertainment also.

Well, some of us know that Ceraphin Entertainment is a small Magazine and Organization based on Entertainments, founded by Werley Nortreus in 2015, of course. Ceraphin Entertainment can only manage by its Founder and its Team Administrators and Editors to promote Signed or Unsigned Artists from all around the world and other Personalities like Models, Actors, Authors. Ceraphin Entertainment also cares about Preachers and Ministers who want to take their Ministries, Churches and Organizations to the next level. Ceraphin Entertainment has been working with a few Music Producers and Bloggers, as they got Ceraphin Music Records, an Independent Music Label. It’s a powerful Magazine, founded for all Artists, they reached more than 300k visitors online and they’re still moving forward to reach the level they always wanted to reach. They worked with Christian Singers and Christian rappers too, they worked with everybody, they respect who they are and what they are doing, they really care about Artists who love what they’re doing in their Ministries. And also Remember, they are here to share music from Artists that they’re working with.

For sure, Ceraphin Music Records is an Organization and a small Record Label specializing in Gospel Music, Rap and Contemporary Gospel Music, was founded by Werley Nortreus in 2015, of course. Ceraphin Music Records roster contains several Rap Artists and Gospel Artists, it’s a Music Team that works to advance Music. According to Werley Nortreus, knowing that people emulate the musicians they hear, it made sense to develop a small Label with Christian values and great Music. Ceraphin Music Records are also associated with Ceraphin Entertainment which reach a lot of people, those two Organizations are partners, they are working with Music Artists and Producers and make a Team for a better value of Music from different background, also love partnership, don’t mind to collaborate and joined roster in a partnership deal with another label or other music company.

Please Visit officialnortreuswerley.com

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