The healing powers of nature: medical discoveries

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”


The healing powers of nature: medical discoveries

Being the children of concrete, asphalt, and steel, we tend to forget our origins. We think we conquered nature, immersed in a technological environment, but to what extent it is really so?

You are probably familiar with the feeling of discomfort after a trip to the countryside, forest or the like. The reasons are: dirty air, noise, constant movement and haste that affect you when you are back home, engulfed in the life of big cities. This discomfort lasts for a very short time. However, getting used to all these factors does not mean reducing the stress on your organism. It is necessary to visit nature as often as possible. Here are some reasons why.

The key to your vital energy

Eva Selhub and Alan Logan, in their book “Your Brain On Nature” have demonstrated the outstanding benefits of natural environments for human health. They pointed to several key advantages, among them the extended vital energy of people who spent only 20 minutes outdoors, enjoying nature. Therefore, if you want to be more energetic, go and spend some time outdoors, breathing fresh air and smelling the grass, flowers, and leaves.

Woodlands decrease your stress level 

People who live very near densely planted areas are less anxious and less susceptible to depression. Various researches showed that spending time in nature could be “useful clinically as a supplement to existing treatments” for major depressive disorder.

Green areas improve your immune system

 Numerous studies have shown that people who spend time in forests, parks and other places with a large number of trees have a very strong immune system. This effect is provided by phytoncides. Phytoncides are the chemicals produced by plants to protect themselves from decay and from insects, thus also having a beneficial influence on human health.


 It is proven that walks among the trees can save us from burdensome thoughts, trees and lakes help us to focus and concentrate, and desert landscapes, on the contrary, reduce motivation in combating bad habits.

Although there is no exact proof, according to preliminary data, staying in nature, especially in the forests, stimulates the production of anti-cancer proteins as well. Also, according to scientists from Japan, the death rate from cancer is lower in areas with a large number of forests.

We still have to unravel all the secrets of communication with nature, but those that have been revealed to us are striking in their depth and strength of beneficial effects on a human organism.

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