The Fairy of Fashion and Beauty

Asmae Amrani

Biography :

Ambitious and hardworking, Asmae Amrani always has this dream of a young girl: living from her passion and that is what she knew how to achieve by becoming the number one blogger in Morocco. Born in Fez, she lives and works in Casablanca for 7 years now. Young, she drenched in the world of fashion and beauty, with a seamstress mother. She draws her passion in those years when the thread and the needle were her daily life and takes love of this discipline. At school, she already had her own style, and stood out of the classic trend of her comrades.

With her baccalauréat at hand, she pursues air hotel studies before opting for Beirut, the capital of beauty and style where she begins holding a fashion blog. She reports all the new trends, her discoveries to it, with a sharp eye and an interesting angle. Over there, her passion for fashion catches up with her and she decides to devote herself to her favorite field. In this creative momentum, Asmae Amrani will continue her quest for beauty in Marbella, Spain.

From adventures to adventures, homesickness is felt. The fashionista decides to return to Casablanca where she opens a nail bar, the Pink Bar, a wink at her love for the pink color, a color that inspires her. It is not by chance that she is also home designer since the colors, the materials and the latest trends are her niche. The one that turns good advice to fashion does not hesitate to benefit its followers.

Fashion, beauty, decoration but not only that, since Asmae Amrani has already tried the happiness of the camera. After an advertisement for Maroc Telecom with the successful comedian Mohamed Khyari, the blogger made a remarkable appearance in the film of Jerôome Olivar Cohen: Midnight Orchestra.


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