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Student Doc and Prep is a unique company that is involved in helping the students in repayment, forgiveness of their loan along with other debt reliefs such as of credit card. Taking into account the scenario that it is often very difficult for the students to pay back their loans or debts, the company offers valuable consultation to the students that may help them in getting loan forgiveness.

Due to lack of knowledge, it often becomes difficult for the students to go through all the paperwork involved in the process of loan forgiveness and even a slight error can cost much to them. This is when Student doc and prep comes into light which supports the former students and graduated who’re in over their heads and need help.

The company consists of skilled professionals with years of experience and thorough knowledge of the paperwork involved in the process. With right knowledge on how to handle the paperwork, the company assists the students and increases their chance of getting loan forgiveness by the government.

Going by their mission statement, We are committed to educating former students about federal loan forgiveness, determining if they qualify, and enrolling them professionally with the goal of saving the client time and money”, the company ensures that they make the maximum effort to support their client while being empathetic towards their situation.

The repayment plans allow the students to choose among several repayment programs that will reduce their monthly installments. The Federal student aid offers a Repayment Estimator that enables the user to calculate the amount of monthly expenditure of the student. There is also a Pay As You Earn Plan that depends on upon the family size and income which of course, needs some eligibility requirements to be met.

Most of the times the repayment plan goes for more than 10 years but in this scenario, the plan is based on the student’s monthly income. Some of the requirements for this program include details about income and expenses, current student loan, the status of current loans, the students must be a new borrower as of 2007, a new borrower with no outstanding balances and Received disbursement of a direct loan by 11/1/11.

These repayment plans are suitable for most of the students while subject to realizing that each private student loan is different. The students can know more about their eligibility for the repayment plan by calling on number (844) 867-5623.

More information about the company can be seen at

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