Omar Benchekroun : Moroccan Golden Boy of LA Lifestyle Services

LA Lifestyle Services is a private concierge service designed to offer its much respected clientele true Service; that is, elegant and professional service that is luxurious, personal, and hearkens back to the concept of personal service enjoyed by the nobles of yesteryear. Yet instead of serving 1700s aristocrats lodged in a palace, Lifestyle serves a vast array of modern clientele in luxury hotels, where the customer service experience is king.

Luxury Service: Truly Historic, Elegant and Upper-Class

Omar Benchekroun, the founder of LA Lifestyle Services, was born in 1989. Since his childhood, he has had a keen appreciation for class, luxury and elegance. This early appreciation inspired him to take his interest as a serious career. He began to work in the luxury lifestyle business in his home country of Morocco before traveling to Paris in 2007 in order to gain luxury hotel business experience in one of the most notable places the world still renowned for its high-end luxury hotel services.

Now, he operates out of California, where he hopes to use his experience in the luxury lifestyle business to provide clientele with something sorely lacking in today’s industry: a concierge service truly worthy of the tradition. LA Lifestyle Services offers a private luxury concierge service that goes above and beyond any modern concierge service in providing a high-class customer experience that rivals that of any grand hotel of the past.

Benchekroun’s international background, which includes his diverse travel experience as well as his personal knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, French, and English speaking cultures, allows him the personal insight on how to deal with visitors from all around the world; including areas such as Europe and the Middle East, which are home to many high profile visitors who stay in the Los Angeles area.

LA Lifestyle Services Goes Beyond Luxury

The concierge profession is an old one; one with time-honored traditions and codes, each designed to provide every client with the most personal, professional, and exceptional service possible. LA Lifestyle Services conception of concierge service is fully aligned with what a true luxury concierge service should be: personalized, private service with exceptional personal attention paid to every detail of the client’s needs and wants; and above all, humbleness and discretion.

LA Lifestyle Services service goes above and beyond to adhere to those time-honored traditions of the past. Every detail of the clientele’s stay–whether they are in town for a weekend trip or will be needing an extended stay–can be taken care of efficiently and discreetly. This includes but is not limited to booking luxury car transports, making luxury hotel and other luxury accommodation bookings; calling in breakfast, lunch or dinner reservations; and attending to the client’s every need.

LA Lifestyle Services : Never Settle For Less

The mark of any true luxury concierge service is their ability to anticipate, understand, and carry out their clientele’s needs with professionalism, discretion, and honor. Omar Benchekroun’s personal appreciation for luxury service and his personal experience in the business have made LA Lifestyle Services succeed in all these facets, earning its place as the best luxury concierge in the area.

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