Moroccan Jews welcome Rabbi Pinto @ Casablanca Morocco

The famous Israeli rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto, of Moroccan origin and from the city of Essaouira, gave a religious conference last Sunday at the “Beth El” synagogue in Casablanca on the occasion of the Hebrew New Year “Rosh Hashana” 5776, a celebration that was celebrated by Jews all over the world about a week ago. Coming by the dozens to the synagogue near the famous Verdun district, which housed a large number of Moroccan Jews before their immigration, the Moroccan Jewish community greeted Rabbi Pinto with songs, dances and youyous as a sign of joy. The rabbi appeared healthy, despite his illness. To the rhythm of “He came to heal us”, Moroccan Jews greeted the rabbi who lives between Israel and the United States. Their songs celebrated Israel and Morocco and mentioned the name of “Baba Salé”, Pinto’s maternal grandfather. They also sang in chorus “Hassan’s voice[Hassan II] calls us”. On this occasion, Serge Berdugo, Secretary General of the Council of Jewish Communities, delivered a speech praising Rabbi Pinto’s noble and benevolent qualities, stressing that, since his arrival, he had rendered great services to Moroccan Jews living in the kingdom, such as providing them with a 100% halal kosherout, or announcing the opening of new slaughterhouses in accordance with religious and sanitary standards for slaughter in the coming months. Berdugo also urged all members of the Jewish community living in Morocco to gather around Pinto, who has shown generosity and affection for them since his appointment as President of the Rabbinical Court and Director of the “Beth El” Synagogue, a place he chose to set up the “Yeshiva” religious school that welcomes Jewish students and students from all over the world.

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