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Official_LogoTo Fashion comes the newest venture LQUiD which for those customers whom may not know is a term that is defined as or means to provide a service that is supposed to adapt and “take the shape of the fashion scene”, to feel as natural as possible. Though for years their company was primarily involved in fashion investment, the business has decided to branch out expanding with the introduction of LQUid which was started this year and strives to reach out to potential customers from all social economic statuses and incomes making available unlimited fashion at one cost to the public. Come July through August is when shoppers will be able to take advantage of this exclusive service which will be available to a total of 3500 buyers at only $299.99 per membership. With the membership buyers can be assured that there will be a variety of styles and clothing to choose from, as starting on day one from the company`s opening there is going to be 45 products than following it there will be 20-30 products additional added each Saturday to choose from with customers gaining access into fashion categories such as Business, Sportswear and even Maternity sure to produce a variety of options for any occasion. Towards the end of the fall fashion season LQUiD plans to deliver 300 products along with the additions of 20 additional exclusive fashion designers and their designs which will be made available for customers to also choose from.

The LQUiD venture`s exclusive regions of focus for introducing the exclusive new membership and service will be the tri state area. LQUid works with outside budding fashion designers on many different levels as LQUid is exclusively made up of outside designers which the company utilizes in providing unlimited fashions to the public at exclusive prices. The biggest incentive LQUiD offers to outside fashion designers is the fact that there are no ongoing costs associated with participating in this exclusive and limited membership offerings to the public. The beneficial advantages behind outside designer working with LQUid if accepted is the amount of public reach that the company can provide designers in terms of having their design seen by every household in the regions which they target for marketing that gives designers outlets to reach potential customers they might otherwise not have or be able to reach on their own. Access to LQUiD for customers will be available through means of iphone4, Samsung Galaxy Series, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, and many more not to mention every customer that buys a subscription to LQUiD will get a return on investment like check every quarter as the company`s way of saying Thank You to its customers.

For LQUid when referring to designers, one names stands out just as loud with the mention of Sabina whom has been LQUiD`s lead designer on all major visual projects since and is the talented hands behind the creation of the official LQUiD Logo which has been seen by many as no ordinary logo but more rather a portrait made having been based from an created image derived out of stories told by LQUiD to Sabina along with revealing emotions along the way that have been learned of through other women owned businesses. Information on LQUiD is always accessible at www.lquidunlimited.com while additional information on the company in the form of a small podcast showcasing their business with the web series host Gregory Hall where an interview is being conducted with LQUiD`s owner Joseph Whaley  III can be found by viewers searching on YouTube under the user geeksupremacyproject. Customers whom also participate in this exclusive service and membership would not only be getting access to upscale clothing at one simple cost but would also be supporting a variety of different charities in the area that are geared towards supporting low income families in addition to border line poverty households as upon launch LQUiD will be working with a total of 7 charities and off of each purchase made a portion in sales would benefit this cause. Not to mention in the near future LQUiD will be unravelling a more innovative approach with their standard one service by doing what is called a “Flipping” of it into 5 services spread into 5 different stages and the aim will be geared towards presenting more of a timeless feel that will be parallel to an audience for years to come. Potential customers curious what the 5 services will consist of now should have their questions answered as first glimpse shows that service 1 will be unlimited fashions at one cost per month for the summer of 2014, with service 2 allowing customers to use a coupon, gift card from any retailer to be honored at LQUiD, and redeemable points in a LQD Store or online base with service 3, service 4, and service 5 yet to be announced for 2015-2016.

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