Lesli Gooch attack ad goes viral

A YouTube video opposing the election of Lesli Gooch, a candidate for California’s 31st congressional seat, has received over 6,000 views in the past 72 hours.

The ad, titled “Where Lesli McCollum Gooch Will Lead Us”, focuses on Gooch’s connection with a real estate businessman, Jeffrey Burum, who was indicted on public corruption charges. The video features creepy music, images of Burum’s mug shot, and what appears to be an “aged” Lesli Gooch from the future.

Recent news reports said that Gooch was a Washington lobbyist for Burum several years ago, but before he was indicted.

No word on who sponsored the video, although the video ends with a link to the website of Danny Tillman, the Democratic frontrunner in the June primary.

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