Kynia Thrower on Lessons from the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is ever changing and constantly evolving, and the demands placed on healthcare workers lately, especially after the global pandemic, seems to be more than ever before.

But with any fast-paced industry subject to change, there are valuable lessons and insights to be learned.

One person who has gained tremendous insight from the healthcare industry is healthcare worker and long-term care worker, Kynia Thrower.

Kynia Thrower has been featured in digital news platforms and health blogs for her insights on the healthcare industry, from patient care to tips for aspiring healthcare workers. Today, Kynia has agreed to share the top lessons she learned from the healthcare industry.

One of Kynia Thrower’s first tips is to always be kind. In a fast-paced environment with long hours, you are bound to face the occasional stressful day. Regardless, it’s important to conduct yourself professionally and lead with kindness no matter the situation.

According to Kynia, it’s important to always give your patients the benefit of the doubt and to treat them as you would your own family. When you treat your patients like family, you are far more likely to display kindness and carry an empathetic heart.

Kynia Thrower frames her work in a way that allows her to bring her best self to work each and every single day.

Kynia says she goes out of her way to ensure her patients are comfortable, and she also learns about their individual needs so that she can provide customized care on an ongoing basis.

While being a long-term care provider is never an easy job. It certainly is a fulfilling one. One that Kynia Thrower wouldn’t trade for anything, because this profession is something she has always wanted to do.

One thing that Kynia Thrower learned is that caring personalities both thrive and are well-suited for healthcare work.

“Before being a healthcare professional, I was caring for people my entire life,” says Kynia.

“As my grandmother grew old, I learned to love caring for her and keeping her company. That’s how I knew that I would love taking care of elderly people,” says Thrower.

Another lesson that Kynia Thrower gleaned from her time in the healthcare industry is that caring for patients is about much more than simply taking care of their basic needs. Patient care is about thinking beyond immediate needs and towards the overall satisfaction of the patient.

Some patients need more company than others, some need emotional reassurance, and others just have specific patterns and habits that need to be worked around.

No matter the individual needs of the patient, Kynia Thrower is always willing to adapt and provide support, and that’s what makes her a brilliant healthcare worker capable of providing advice to others who want to follow in her footsteps.

For more information on the healthcare industry and to follow Kynia Thrower’s journey as a healthcare professional, you can visit her personal website here. On the site, Kynia Thrower shares tips and tricks for healthcare professionals and much more.

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