Horror Screen Queen Plays the Mother of All B******


Cult movie icon Leesa Rowland stars in the movie Slaughter Daughter and is set to rock the horror genre. The much anticipated movie is set for release on DVD on February 4th, 2014 and is already expected to be a hit with cult movie lovers. The upcoming release of the actress’s latest movie will please fans of the horror genre when it becomes available on DVD and on demand.

Having worked steadily since the late ’80s, Leesa came to the attention of producers early on in her career and is now considered a cult icon in the industry and amongst her fans. Although her acting credits are not entirely in the horror genre, it is here she is most memorable. With two movies out in 2012 and new movie this year – Return to Nuke Em High, a sequel in the fan favorite series – her horror crown is firmly in place.

The exquisite actress plays Phyllis, the eccentric mother of a former pageant queen who discovers the hard way that tough love is not always the best method.
Photo of Leesa Rowland by Trevor Augustus Brown

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