Fahad: Viral Fashion Designer Set to Start New Line in Los Angeles

If you haven’t already heard of Fahad Bin Bader Bin Fahad, then prepare yourself for one of the most influential emerging Arab fashion designers in the world. Fahad’s unique designs, high quality work and unmistakable presence are making waves in the fashion industry. Let’s learn more about this up-and-coming industry designer who has been making an name for himself all over the world.

Early Life

Fahad Bin Bader Bin Fahad grew up in Saudi Arabia, but he has been traveling to the United States–specifically Los Angeles–since he was a young child. He has always been interested in fashion and design, and when he was just a teenager he was already designing and wearing his own custom-made clothing. His work even won a contest from a Saudi TV channel, and his early fashion and jewelry designs urged his friends to convince him to take his love for fashion into the future as a career.


In 2008, he started his very first fashion line called B. Currlyon, which launched in Saudi Arabia. He then decided to study industry design in San Francisco for 3 years before moving to Los Angeles, where he plans to begin a new company–also called B. Currlyon–with a brand new design line of clothing and jewelry.

Fahad’s work is definitely notable and worth keeping an eye on. He uses high quality materials, bold prints, and unique designs that truly speak to everyone who looks at them. His trendsetting works frequently go viral, and with unique looks like his designs, it’s no wonder that people are clamoring for more.

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