Dragées, Chocolates, Inner Beauty and Beyond

Rediscover the Art of Delicious Wedding Traditions Built on The Spirit of Good Wishes

The Wedding Industries Top Planner’s & Caterer’s Are Embracing A Major Industry Wide “Social Good” Platform Announced By Luxury Candy Visionary “Les Cinq Amandes” at the New York International Bridal Week Show In NYC

The Possibilities Dazzle All With Its Confections and Mastery of True Gift-Giving Miss America 2008, Philanthropist & Newlywed Kirsten Haglund On Monday, Oct. 14, She Makes A Celebrity Appearance To Launch The Campaign

Together Announcing A Meaningful “Inner Beauty” Wedding Theme Initiative through the Creation and Presentation of Beautiful Wedding Products That also Raise Funds for Girls in Need Through Scholarship

Dragées, Chocolates, Inner Beauty and Beyond . . . Rediscover the Art of Delicious Wedding Traditions Built on The Spirit of Good Wishes

NEW YORK – October 13, 2013 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The New York International Bridal Week presents an unparalleled wedding experience Oct. 12-14. On Oct. 12 and Oct. 13, the event starts at 9 a.m., ending at 6 p.m. On Oct. 14, the show begins at 9 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. The venue is located at Pier 94; 755 12th Ave. (55th Street and the West Side Highway).

Participants may take part in this “moment in time” at Booth 706, as the future brides all the way through the wedding industry and its many vendors create a true “themed” community. Enjoy the unified shopping experience and check out the bridal industry’s finest from a line up of various designers and manufacturers. This year’s event highlights Les Cinq Amandes (The5Almonds.com) is an exceptional curator of delicious-themed delicacies who will demonstrate a fresh way to plan any wedding and at the same time how to help women and girls in need, through this collaborative opportunity.

The New York International Bridal Week will be the destination for high-end Bridal designers and manufacturers, both nationally and internationally. The show is sure to be the must-attend bridal event in New York.

A major event at this year’s show, on Oct. 14 at 11 a.m. at Booth 706, is a visit by the former Miss America 2008, celebrity, activist and newlywed Kirsten Haglund will make a guest appearance, and will make a major industry wide announcement and sign autographs. The Les Cinq Amandes booth will bring to life the theme “Let the Delicious Journey Begin…”

This new initiative developed with Les Cinq Amandes and Kirsten’s lifelong work, was a perfect match as both partners are centered on women and girls’ “self-care, inner beauty and balance”. Celebrity Kirsten Haglund created a Foundation in February 2009, in an effort to raise money for treatment scholarships to help individuals and their families to fight eating disorders. To date, more than 25 scholarships have been awarded.

Les Cinq Amandes, a mother-daughter duo (pediatrician and High-School student) from Connecticut was founded in 2007, and updated the Five Wishes to Health, Happiness, Longevity, Peace, and Love.

Lina Abdo, as founder, having had to give up her career as a doctor and battling disease herself, Les Cinq Amandes is proud to partner with Kirsten Haglund and her important work supporting women and girls.

Les Cinq Amandes namesake (The 5 Almonds) has a long history tied to weddings and celebrations. The ancient Romans served Sicilian almonds coated with honey to wedding guests until the fabrication of sugar in the 15th century. During the Italian Renaissance period, Florence, Italy was the major production center.

The powerful Florentine Medici Family introduced the dragées, as we know them today, to all the Royal European courts – a special candy for special occasions. The fruit of the almond tree symbolizes love and the strength of the bond between bride and groom; or the sweetness of love overcoming the bitterness of life. Given in indivisible groups of five – representing the five wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility – this tradition has spread and continues in many parts of the world, mostly unchanged, until now.

Les Cinq Amandes’ mission is to reintroduce and reinvent the centuries-old custom and traditional confections to a new and modern clientele; to design and deliver a dream gift that is elegant, exceptional, and skillfully crafted – fascinating people, capturing memories, telling stories and arousing unique and magical emotions during life’s special moments.

The delicious confections, curated from around the world, are masterfully crafted from recipes handed down from generation to generation. These sweet creations, a sublime mélange of spices, fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, and chocolate, offer innovative flavors and colors, exceptionally hand-wrapped, decorated chocolates as well as handmade, hand-painted jewel-like couture chocolates. Les Cinq Amandes also offers couture creations in the form of contemporary and beautifully designed favors and gift presentations.



About The New York International Bridal Week

You can learn more by visiting: www.newyorkbridal.com.

About Les Cinq Amandes

Les Cinq Amandeswas founded in 2007, updating the traditional Bridal Five Wishes – Happiness, Health, Longevity, Peace, and Love. Les Cinq Amandes has been refreshing and rejuvenating the concept of giving luxury favors and wedding gifts for the past five years, acquiring, in a short time, the loyalty and trust of a large clientele that includes dignitaries, celebrities, large institutions and corporations.

With its own unique recipes, the company has grown significantly, carving itself a niche in the luxury goods market. And, with the launch of its online store in 2011, that allows visitors to browse through the different beautiful confections and gifts, it’s well on its way to taking the number one spot.

Les Cinq Amandes, the source for themed events, creates a wide array of celebratory items including unique wedding gifts, favors, candy centerpieces and candy bars for shower themes and guest gifts for every celebration. Known for its artisanal chocolates, available in a variation of different shapes and forms, in addition to a slew of flavors, customers may choose from hand-wrapped and hand-decorated chocolates.

To learn more, contact Les Cinq Amandes, to place orders or go through the assortment of gift ideas, check out http://the5almonds.com/

About Celebrity Kirsten Haglund

Kirsten Haglund is an international influencer, former Miss America, celebrity Ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), and television personality, frequently appearing on Fox News Channel, CNN, HLN, Fox Business Network, and Huff Post Live and Canada’s Sun News Network, to comment on youth in politics and women’s health issues and empowerment. www.Kirstenhaglund.org.



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