CaseFace “the first social cell phone case”

CaseFace “the first social cell phone case”

CaseFace is a group of young startup entrepreneur’s students living together in a co-living space in Cambridge, MA the nation’s hub for innovation.

We have created CaseFace to give people and artist from around the world the opportunity to create and share a large variety of designed cell phone cases using a social media platform.

What is CaseFace?
A cell phone case design service that is growing by the minute. Vote for your favorite design, using your social networks and get cases for $10 instead of $50! Designers submit artwork daily that want and need the exposure we have to offer with our unique business model.

  1. Vote for your favorite design using social media.
  2. Share, expose, and co-create your favorite cases with your favorite artist.
  3. Buy your favorite and your friend’s favorite case for ONLY $10
  4. We donate a percentage of each sale to the designer or artist that created and submitted the design.

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