Affordable Locksmith in OKC Launches Free Service to Rescue Pets and Children


A leading locksmith in OKC has announced they’re offering a free service to help rescue pets and children from locked cars and homes. The service has been launched by Affordable Locksmith OKC and aims to provide the people of Oklahoma City with an emergency service free of charge for their children and pets in 15 minutes or less.

Affordable Locksmith OKC provides a wide range of locksmith services and understands
how scary it can be for a loved one when locked in a car. They also understand how serious it could be in the hot weather and how lives are at risk when a child is unable to leave a vehicle due to being locked in.

A spokesperson for Affordable Locksmith OKC said: ìWe understand, parents panic when their children are locked in an automobile and are unable to leave. Itís also understandable why some parents may not think clearly and may wait and try and find dangerous ways to get their child out of the vehicle. Many parents may wait due to the cost of calling out a locksmith, to make sure loved ones are safe, we offer the emergency service in Oklahoma City for free.î

As well as providing an emergency service to rescue children and pets, the Oklahoma locksmith service also offers car key replacement, lock repair, and much more. To learn more about one of the most recommended locksmith services in OKC, please visit

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