From Corporate Fitness to MMAXOUT Fitness


That’s when I found MMAXOUT. I tried a few classes to mix up my routine and that’s all it took. I was addicted. I began taking 3-4 classes as week. After seeing results in program I began the certification process. What a difference experience. I was tested, challenged, and motivated to excel.

Initial certification was a jammed packed 2day course of intense learning. The MMAXOUT Program and Concepts were reviewed. Each format was reviewed in comprehensive detail. After you demonstrate understanding you move on to hands on portion of certification. Instructors help you, guide you and challenge you to reach your certification goal.

After initial certification, you are required to submit 3 months of complete workouts by the end of the year. The workouts must include detailed explanations of what you are teaching. After your first year is up you will have to be re certified.

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