Physician Scientist Cracks the Code on WHealth


California Based Physician Scientist Cracks the Code on WHealth

After transforming his own life, he now wants to help you unlock the best possible you.

Nov. 5, 2015 – San Diego, CA

Roddy Carter, MD, moved to San Diego a year ago to write a book. He stepped away from a successful career in research and clinical medicine because he had found something more important: WHealth. His book, BodyWHealth, Pathway to Abundance, describes the science of WHealth, and outlines the road to attaining it. BodyWHealth, Pathway to Abundance will be released in the first week of December, in time for holiday reading and New Year’s resolutions.

“Only a tiny proportion of the world’s population is healthy, happy and prosperous,” Carter explains. “The difference between this small group and everyone else is that they have mastered adaptive behaviors and mindsets that ensure success. They have found the secrets to the natural order, and are handsomely rewarded.”

At the peak of his career, Carter was working 18-hour days with little downtime. He was depleted. “I was close to physical and emotional bankruptcy. My WHealth was about to run out, and I was aging really fast.” He was frustrated that, despite his in deep knowledge of medical science, he was in serious trouble.

Fortunately, Carter had prepared elite athletes to achieve peak performance at the Olympic Games. Using these same principals, he set out to “re-boot” his own life. To his immense surprise, while he worked hard to restore his physical health, Carter “stumbled on” profound happiness.

“I found a pathway to WHealth, a destination more magnificent than either health, or wealth. And the road to WHealth was through my body. No pixie dust. Just simple interventions that anybody can follow that unlock deep connections between body, mind and emotion.”

Like all good scientists, Carter had taken copious notes in his laboratory journal. These form the basis of his new book, a simple guide to WHealth that educates and inspires the reader. Two insights provide his work with unique power. The author’s explanations and guidance is firmly grounded in an evolutionary context that instills a profound relevance and inspires action. “When I realized that we are caught in an evolutionary trap with immense negative metabolic consequences, the journey became easy.” He adds to this the liberating science of belief, explaining the way in which we can all unlock forces in our brains that drive success.

This week, Carter initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund publication of the first edition of BodyWHealth, Journey to Abundance. “I am at least five years younger than when I started my own BodyWHealth™ journey. My mission is now to share the secrets with other WHealth Seekers, and to build a WHealthier World”. By supporting this project, you will be giving yourself the gift of happiness, but you will also be influential in changing many people’s quality of life. The rewards that supporters will be receiving are also of great significance as they not only include a copy of the book (e-book, soft cover or hardcover, depending on the amount pledged), but also give access to webinars and a Q&A session with Dr. Carter. The book could help the lucky funders who receive it to make the transition from living a mediocre existence to being genuinely fulfilled. It’s a groundbreaking work that will be remembered for years to come.

About BodyWHealth
BodyWHealth™ is a personal growth strategy that optimizes your biology to achieve abundance. Based on evolutionary principles and scientific evidence, BodyWHealth™ is a proven pathway to health, happiness, and prosperity.

About Kickstarter
Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, and helps authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. The BodyWHealth™ Kickstarter campaign can be found at

About Roddy Carter
Roddy Carter is a physician, scientist, student and teacher. He lives in La Jolla, CA where he practices as an executive WHealth coach, helping his clients to unlock their own health, happiness and prosperity.

Roddy Carter, MD
(609) 216-2861

You can check the kickstarter out at:

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