Veteran Stylist Samira Haddouchi Sets a New Pace in the Moroccan Caftan World

Besides being renowned for making drawings from her Andalusian and Mediterranean culture, the exclusive fashionista Samira Haddouchi is always hunted from among the fresh talents from the Arab world and is already setting a new pace in the industry. As a great admirer of the caftan who is attracted by nature’s creativity, Samira has always distinguished herself starting from her early days in the fashion scene by exploiting her origins in the vast tradition of the caftan.

“I do a lot of research and travel around the world to attend fashion events, and most times, I visit fairs in China or Chile in search of new trends, explained Samira Haddouchi.  Meanwhile, I am in constant contact with the global trends office to enable me to stay updated, and I use these trends to create my caftans. I think this is a real dilemma because we must keep the authenticity of the caftan while bringing modern touches, which open the door to the universality.”

Born in northern Morocco, and after having studied styling and modeling at the LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design, the Moroccan Caftan Ambassador made history after she took part in numerous parades, notably that of Young Talents in 2000, which Jean-Paul Gaultier was in attendance.

Jean-Paul’s creations parade around the world; from Cairo to London via Paris and Geneva, dressing the greatest stars who do not remain insensitive to his styles, such as Haifa Wehbe or Whitney Houston. Samira shows her natural predisposition to revisit and reinterpret the traditional caftan, favoring asymmetrical lines, pleated cuts, superimposed lines, plunging necklines, twirling materials and skillful mixtures of colors.

Far from being classic, Samira has created for herself a unique personality in the modeling industry as her “Haddouchi brand” reveals an unbridled imagination, subtly combining traditional forms and scissors strokes. Noble materials serve, admirably, racy and innovative lines, silk, lacework, satin, brocade, taffeta, and beading are not left out too.

Samira concluded, “Serenity, sweeping conformism but also imperceptibly pampered; these are the ardors which push to reflection and denote the hand guided by the spirit. My creations perfectly reflect my state of mind: intrepid, audacious and astonishing.


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