Prosthetic Eye Implants

With a long history of developing and refining the modern artificial eye, Carole Lewis B.C.O. at Esthetic Eyes delivers the most natural results available. Located in both Beverly Hills and Orange County, California we are proud to announce our newly patented digital iris enhancement technology.

Our advanced computer-graphic process enables us to duplicate the most natural iris structure and color in prosthetic eyes, because each and every human iris is as unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint. When working with your surgeon, we custom fit, fabricate, and insert each realistic looking acrylic eye as soon as possible following surgery. This helps the necessary reshaping of the underlying tissue and captures motion during the healing process.
Our proprietary fitting techniques give superior results in regard to comfort, motion, and appearance. Our Couture Services personalizes your visit with results that ultimately gives you the confidence to “face the world.”

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