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Progressive Rock Band 2KX Returns on the Wind

2KX has returned with John Baker on lead vocals. Baker, formerly of Los Angeles, was previously lead vocalist/guitarist for Mars Hollow, and a former member of The Little Girls, and is the first permanent vocalist for the band. Previous vocals were performed by guests John Payne (Asia) and Michael Sadler (Saga). 2KX is a former nominee of the Los Angeles Music Awards, and is led by composer/keyboardist Lisa LaRue. You can get more information about the band’s newest release, “Sussuration,” on their website at http://www.lisalaruemusic.com and also join them in social networking at http://www.facebook.com/lisalarue2kx The “Sussuration” video for the full-length version of the song is available to view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugLm2zuwJsY A radio edit version is available on YouTube, as well, and is currently enjoying airplay on radio across America, Europe and internet.

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