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VIPole Secure Instant Messenger System Enhances Extra Security and Privacy

VIPole Secure Messenger is an App that features extra ordinary encryption technology. The App strongly encrypts text, voice, image and video data. For formal or informal use, VIPole seeks to enhance security and protect any information from unauthorized persons. The superiority of this App is that only the sender and the receiver of the message have capability to decrypt the data. Otherwise, the App makes it impossible for a third party to access the information.

The strong mark feature for VIPole is its encryption. Developers of this app incorporated strong technologies that ensure secure online conversations. VIPole is the current most valuable messenger that businesses and high profile VIPs use. This App is 100% secure from taping conversations, surveillance screening and spying of files, messages, video conferencing and any transactions that must be sent through the internet. VIPole offers true end-to-end encryption and here are 8 most valuable features of VIPole Secure Instant Messenger that are worth mentioning.

8 valuable features of VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

  • Strong encryption and protection for all communications. When VIPole is launched and in use, there is no possibility that can be used to tap conversation.
  • Reliable encryption algorithms and encryption key management. Encryption keys are stored on the user device and never leave it.
  • Strong text encryption that ensures 100% message privacy. Chat history is stored in encrypted form.
  • The files and documents sent or received through VIPole are also stored encrypted. In addition, all sent and received files can be managed with secure file manager.
  • The network tunnel technology demonstrated with VIPole video and voice streaming that offers maximum protection for information transmitted through streaming.
  • Another strong feature that VIPole app brings across is the ability to ensure safe password storage. The problem of password secure storage if a third party comes to use the computer after you log out ends here with VIPole Secure Messenger computer and mobile app.
  • VIPole offers a solution for soft diary. This app makes daily planning personal and confidential.
  • Encrypted task manager, personal daily planning and notes. Any information in the notes or personal calendar is not available to anyone except the owner.

VIPole runs in common operating systems for common computer use: Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android for mobile phones systems. The concept for VIPole Mobile Client for Android is clear. Mobile phones and smart phones are a target to cyber crimes that’s why most of the encryption software in the market today do feature mobile use. Available for download from Google Play, VIPole client for Android continues the strict encryption and user privacy needed if the user is using mobile phone. VIPole was created to accommodate all internet enabled devices and offers solutions for any types of users for personal and business use.

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