“Give me a pen and paper and I will blow your mind”

says The Popaganda Guru Tarik Charrat

Tarik Charrat is an emerging artist born in Rabat in 1979. At a very young age he had a passion for drawing and painting. It is in Montreal Canada where he lived from 1998 to 2006 that he started exhibiting his artwork, in parallel to his university studies.

His art is constantly evolving and shifting from one current to another, from surrealism to pop-art, to modern street-art. Tarik says : ” I don’t want to restrict my imagination and creativity to one movement only, so I just follow my inspiration regardless of people’s opinions or appreciation”. Being a self-taught artist, The Popaganda Guru knows no boundaries to his art, and is always working on new techniques and practices in order to challenge the taboos and stereotypes.

For this art piece, Tarik was inspired by the news’ propaganda around the Arab-Muslim world to create this painting which represents the current stigmatization of Muslims throughout the globe. Walt Disney icon Aladdin appears with an explosives belt stuffed with dynamite, pursued by black hawks helicopters, referring to Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now movie poster.

His latest collections Popaganda, Mad Nomad and Vintage Vandal have been all sold out before even exhibiting them on galleries, mainly to customers from the Middle East.

Website: tarikcharrat.com
Instagram gallery: tarik_charrat
Facebook gallery: Tarik Charrat Art

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