Fay Riviere and Hicham Benslimane – The Iconic Fashion Designers behind the Royals 

THE ROYALS is a french luxury fashion house created by two designers, Fay Riviere and Hicham Benslimane.

Fay Riviere is a  designer who obtained a Master’s degree in luxury design from  one of the most prestigious schools in Paris, specializing in fashion design and interior design. After working with CHANEL, she was driven by her entrepreneur spirit and started her own design firms which were so successful that she was able to create a subsidiary of her french luxury design firm in Beverly Hills, California, to bring the internationally recognized french design to a high end clientele in the USA. The awarded designer has been recognized as a creative and talented designer with a unique avant garde style embraced by celebrities from different part of the world.

Paris being the city of artists, Fay Riviere met there the talented fashion designer Hicham Benslimane, who graduated from one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Paris. The designer was working with GIVENCHY, Jean-Paul Gaultier and ELIE SAAB before flying to the USA pursuing his dream and working with celebrities in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. Benslimane got  A- listers  to wear his artwork and unique pieces for red carpets, concerts and award shows worldwide. The multi awarded fashion designer chose Los Angeles as a home to his creations in order to bring his unique fashion style to the USA.Today Hicham Benslimane is published and recognized by fashion experts and media worldwide.

Sharing the same passion of fashion and the same artistic  vision, the duo of designers created a luxury french fashion house, THE ROYALS, in the prestigious place Vendome, in Paris and a flagship store, in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. The elegant and luxurious design of the flagship store, realized  by the famous interior design company FR DSIGN, reflects the elegance of the collection and displays it in its luxurious environment.

The fashion house THE ROYALS is claiming a timeless lifestyle described as unique and elegant yet fashion forward and already embraced by celebrities from all  over the world.

The universe of THE ROYALS  is made up of elegance, glamour, royalty and great versatility.

The two designers have known how to make a flag out of  their french culture.

Two designers who have known how to interpret and impose their creative unique style on a world-wide basis.

THE ROYALS woman is a cosmopolitan woman  who has toured the world but who doesn’t forget her roots, a woman who wears a  dress for a red carpet,  contrasting it with an androgynous look for her daily life, or a rock look, but wearing it always with elegance which make her unique in her style and simply royal!

Certainly, there is no queen without a king, so THE ROYALS dresses up men  too.

THE ROYALS man is a man who is powerful, self confident and fashion forward.  THE  ROYALS man is a man who knows what he wants and who wears his outfit with pride and confidence feeling just like a king!

Fay Riviere and Hicham Benslimane have a global strategy development for their fashion house planning to open a flagship in  the most famous fashion capitals all over the world.

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