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Online Retailer Offers Stylish and Functional Handbags for Women With Concealed Carry Permits



Contact: Mary Kirkpatrick Tel: (855) 4-GunBag Email:

gunhandbags_image2gunhandbags_image3Spring Hill, Florida– With the recent jump in concealed carry permit requests across the country, more women than ever are purchasing guns. A new national online retailer,, aims to outfit all women who have concealed carry gun permits with the perfect accessory to make sure their gun is well-stored. features well-made and well-designed concealed carry handbags that the retailer hopes are in demand by every woman. The site also offers holsters for women, gun range bags and more. Women have had to rely for years on bulky holsters made for the male figure, and one-size-fits-all handbags for their firearms. offers women the chance to find a quality purse for their firearm that matches their needs for shape, size, color, and more, blending style with function. also sells accessories, holsters, gift items and other products for their men’s line, in case women need a special gift. Women in states with permitted concealed carry need a way to safely tote their gun that makes it accessible should the need to use it arrive. and its creator recognize that need, delivering handbags that are easy to use retrieve options and fun to carry. was created after the owner suffered a break-in at her residence when asleep, and felt the need to protect herself. Many options on the market didn’t offer the dependability and reliability of a gun tote she was searching for, thus was born.

“Women need to protect themselves, and shouldn’t have to relinquish that need due to a lack of practicality,” the site spokesperson said. “Today’s political climate toward gun ownership and women taking responsibility for their self-defense has resulted in a record number of women purchasing guns. We wanted to offer handbag lines that recognized their need and exceeded their expectations,” she continued.

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