Edgar Tibakweitira Julian Wants to Save Lives in East Africa

Edgar Tibakweitira Julian has been deeply immersed in the business world for the past 12 years, helping grow businesses in the Washington area.

With a background in marketing and branding, Julian has had success in entrepreneurship and scaling businesses of all kinds.

But he wants to do more than just grow businesses — he wants to give back to the people who need it most.

“I want to start a non-profit pharmaceutical distribution company in East Africa,” says Julian.

The idea didn’t come out of nowhere.

Julian spent six months traveling East Africa, observing opportunities and shortcomings, especially in rural areas that lack basic access to pharmaceuticals.

“There are barriers. Barriers preventing people in rural areas from accessing the medicine they need,” says Julian.

Julian, who’s always been passionate about business and helping people, already has plans for how he’s going to fund his new initiative.

“It’s going to be a non-profit and I have a strategy for funding.”

Julian has worked tirelessly on a case study exploring the healthcare system and access to healthcare and medicine in East Africa.

“The study will raise awareness about key issues and help us acquire funding,” says Julian.

He says it’s his goal to bring pharmaceuticals to those who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford it or get access to them at all.

“By doing so, we can save lives,” says Julian.

“This entity will serve the underserved.”

Currently, Julian focuses on consultancy work in Washington.

Meanwhile he’s been busy strategizing about creating a real estate informatives company in East Africa too.

According to Julian, with over a decade of experience growing businesses of all kinds, he’s trained his mental muscle for growing new startups and initiatives.

He understands which business concepts work and which don’t, and he’s ready to put those skills to use to help people in need.

One of the things Julian strives for is forming bonds with people.

“Building relationships with people brings me great satisfaction.”

Julian says he’s excited for the next stages in his ventures, but ultimately excited about the social entrepreneurship side.

“I’m excited by the prospect of helping people,” says Julian.

If you want to learn more about Edgar Tibakweitira Julian, you can read the latest press release about plans for his non-profit:

Edgar Tibakweitira Julian: Starting a Non-Profit in East Africa

For more information on Edgar Tibakweitira Julian you can visit: https://headlineplus.com/edgar-tibakweitira-julian-starting-a-non-profit-in-east-africa/

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