Damage restoration in Los Angeles done right!


Damage restoration in general and especially water damage restoration is a growing business! what used to be “solved” using dryers by your local handyman would later cost you much more in the form of mold and wood decay and bacteria growth which leads to respiratory problems and all sorts of unwanted condition and some serious negative health repercussions you really don’t want to face.

Should you do it yourself?

There is no one answer fits all to this question. A small spill is no cause for alarm but a flooded basement, living room or any room in your home or office is something you should not take lightly (although you might be tempted to).

In order to avoid unnecessary health risks and make the process cheaper and more efficient the right & modern approach is to contact a dedicated contractor which is called a damage restoration expert.

Water damage restoration – minimizing the damage!

The first and most important step is to remove any water from the target area! Damage restoration companies are well equipped to do exactly that using a custom commercial vacuum which can handle the water and most of the floating debris.

Clearing the water is of course only the first step in process. According to the area / part of your home or office that was flooded other elements need to be taken into consideration such as carpets, drywall, wall panels, exposed electricity and parquet floor.

Common misconceptions

Ahh… I would dry by itself…

Wrong! Water has a way of Seeping into crakes, accumulating in hidden spot and be the bedrock for nasty bacteria and then without knowing what is the causes your child develops asthma, you start getting nasty headaches and you memory is shut!

I only need to remove the water

Wrong! It really depends on the infected area. Rugs and carpets are a great host for unseen water and can stay moist long after the water was removed

Choose a great damage restoration company!

It’s hard to find a good professional contactor. We really don’t know much about any specific restoration company (unless you suffer from reoccurring floods – hope not!)

What is always recommended is to pick a local service provider and read some review using a bit of street smarts since some reviews are created by web marketing guys.

The best rule (which Disney likes) is to use your instincts!

Other types of damages

Unfortunately, water damage is only one scenario you might encounter. Also common are fire damages, cumulative damage brought upon by mold and mildew and more but have no fear! To all this damages and other damages created by wind or time can be fixed by contacting a local Los Angeles damage restoration company and getting an estimate.

I hope I spilled some light on a subject which we really don’t know until were faced to deal with it.

Best of luck.

Damage restoration expert.

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