Bring life back to your office


It’s quite simple. 75% of Americans think about quitting their job EVERDAY. Yes, that’s a current & frightening statistic, even scarier is YOU are responsible…well not literally but as ownership and management we need to find ways to take the bla out of work and create an energized atmosphere where staff becomes a team and work is…..not that bad.

We understand by human nature most will not “love” going to work…but, we also understand how easy it is to make work a much more fulfilling experience. Our national program currently used by companies in an array of industries has proven to have a rather dramatic effect.

We understand making staff stand on a chair falling backwards will not raise their moral or trust in you. That’s why we take a different approach.

We have programs…a menu of sorts that we work out with each company. From in office fitness programs to wine tasting we have options for every office.

A large team of professionals we make sure it’s never cliché or tacky and always effective. Project Work to Live understands your time is valuable and that’s why we handle all logistics. Start at

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