Amanda Blake’s Employee Success Guide

Amanda Blake’s Employee Success Guide (Danville, California)

Amanda Blake lives in Danville, California and works as one of the top service operations executives.

Blake has built and led global call centers, worked in sales operations and managed service infrastructure, with experience crossing many different industries from tech to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Today, she shares her top tips for employee success with News Los Angeles for people who want to jump-start their career, have more job satisfaction and perform better in their workplace. 

One thing Blake helps employees with is developing their resumes, which often leads them to their next job. It’s about building their skills and helping them showcase them in a presentable manner for future employers. 

She says it’s important to give people skills that make them more confident in their abilities, because when people know they’re learning and growing, they’re the most satisfied.

She also makes connecting people a top priority so people can form professional working relationships within the workplace. 

“I always encourage  social connections,” says Blake.

Blake says she also offers company employees multiple perspectives, which is what anybody in a higher level of the corporate ladder should do.

“People need mentors and I give them that,” says Blake.

“They don’t just need to hear from me. They need to hear from different people with different perspectives so they can make the best decisions and think for themselves.”

To summarize, here are some of Amanda Blake’s top rules for motivating a team:

  • Teach employees skills they can transfer to their next jobs or in positions of greater responsibility. 
  • Make employees more confident in their own abilities, and therefore more eager to work. 
  • Help employees form relationships with each other and their managers.
  • Encourage healthy, productive conversations in the workplace. 
  • Connect employees with mentors who can track their growth. 
  • Offer multiple perspectives to employees.  

If you want to learn more about Amanda Blake from Irvine, California – consider connecting with her on LinkedIn:

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