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Soad Kanouni sets a new pace in the fashion industry with her all new collection, “Karuma,” which draws its inspiration from geometry, mother nature’s earth tones and is rooted in both Moroccan and Japanese culture

Fashion is one of the most exciting subjects in the world as it has the eyes and ears of a vast amount of people. Almost everyone watches television, reads magazines, and is keen on staying tuned to see what the rich and famous are wearing from day to day. It’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in joining the world of fashion design, and probably this reason must have inspired Soad Kanouni, a Moroccan-born skilled business woman, expert pattern maker and designer to venture into the world of fashion.

Having dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur from childhood, Soad persistently pursued her goals.  Today she is living her dream as a top tier patternmaker, and now as a designer striving to change perceptions, impact the entire retail economy, and influence generations with her innovative collection branded “Karuma.” Blending rich ideas with great vision, Soad is using her technical and industry expertise to turn her creative energies into saleable apparel.  Her collection “Karuma”  is a work in progress that she holds close to her heart as it is the culmination of her many years of work and life experience.

“I am very excited about my collection ‘Karuma.’ It represents minimalism and versatility, and it’s inspiration originates from geometry, mother nature’s earth tones and is rooted in both Moroccan and Japanese culture, Soad explained. I selected fabrics that best lend to draping while maintaining the structure necessary to clean lines and geometric harmony. My concept effortlessly blends earth tones, linen with leather accents, and beautiful eastern inspired silhouettes resulting in a collection that is versatile and complete in its simplicity with pieces that can be mixed and matched to the heart’s content.”

Born in Casablanca, Morocco on Dec. 22, 1968, Soad has grown to become a professional having garnered over 25 years of experience from several facets of the industry. She specifically harbors every knowledge of the production process which is further enriched by her valuable wisdom and passion with regards to garment construction.  Her range includes womenswear, menswear, and juniors while her familiarity with fabrics and fit is immense.

Also, her comprehension of distinctive genres such as swimwear, sportswear, denim, casual, contemporary, outerwear, bridal, and couture have created for Soad a stable foundation upon which her merited reputation is built.  She has collaborated with multinational corporations, companies, and private labels that have since grown into household names.  Her clientele additionally includes numerous designers and well-known celebrity stylists.

Soad concluded, “Karuma is primarily comprised of exclusive separates that can be mixed and matched, paired with styles ranging from contemporary to boho or accessorized in a way to always express one’s unique individuality. I specifically focused on cuts, shapes, and silhouettes that exude comfort, complement varying body types and reflect a style that I define as minimal, modern and edgy. I am proud of this collection as it is a reflection of my passion for fashion and my life experiences.”


Soad Kanouni
SK Fashion
(213) 627-2281

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